Extra Level of Protection

NOVEX-AMG™ - An Extra Level of Protection For Long Term Cleaning


Samaritan Shield - An Extra Level of Protection For Long-Term Cleaning



Samaritan Shield Cleaner Protectorant, contains DMR International’s (DMRI)  NOVEX-AMG™, as its active ingredient.


Samaritan Shield (an NSF registered product) was designed to protect against contaminates (airborne, touch, etc.) building up on surfaces between cleaning cycles. Conventional cleaning systems are typically active within the first moments of application. However, the surface is not protected against contaminate build up and can quickly become re-contaminated after application.


FIG 1: Surfaces cleaned with Samaritan Shield with NOVEX-AMG™ continue to promote active surface cleaning.


Samaritan Shield is tough on germs but gentle on surfaces when applied via spray bottles or wipes. When used in conjunction with your regularly scheduled maintenance protocols, Samaritan continues to provide active surface protection.


Surfaces cleaned with Samaritan Shield provide an enhanced level of cleanliness between scheduled cleanings. As a result, surfaces treated with Samaritan Shield can reduce labor and consumable costs between regularly scheduled cleanings. For example, Figure 2 depicts effectiveness of multiple applications of a conventional cleaner required to produce a similar level of cleanliness as a surface cleaned one time with Samaritan Shield.   This translates to lower costs for you.




FIG 2: Conventional cleaners (in red) require several applications to keep surfaces as clean as those using one application of Samaritan Shield (green shaded area).


Using Samaritan Shield Cleaner Protectorant with NOVEX-AMG™ provides the best of both worlds: easy cleaning with long term effectiveness.

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Samaritan Shield Cleaner Protectorant Leaves Behind an Invisible Shield

Samaritan Shield Cleaner Protectorant Leaves Behind an Invisible Shield

  • Samaritan Shield Cleaner Protectorant leaves behind an invisible shield to reduce the spread of infectious agents.
  • Samaritan Shield formula has proven effective against multiple pathogens.
  • Samaritan Shield additive system containing NOVEX-AMGTM has demonstrated greater than 99.999% reduction of E. coli, salmonella, listeria, staph Bacillus subtilis C-Dif and pneumonia.
  • Samaritan Shield continues to protect surfaces from bacterial contamination for up to 21 days (depending on traffic in the environment).
  • Samaritan Shield is formulated with 100% responsible and sustainable materials.
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